LTISD Food and Nutrition program’s use of digital marketing touted by software company

The Lake Travis ISD Food and Nutrition Services department’s digital marketing strategy was recently selected as a ‘Client Spotlight’ by Nutrislice, a software company that blends technology and marketing to help students increase their nutrition knowledge.  

LTISD uses Nutrislice website menus and onsite digital menu boards at all 10 school cafés to display and promote daily meals and nutrition information for students, teachers and parents.  Additionally, the digital boards are used to promote the branding of the high school LT Cav Café and the middle schools’ Fuel Café to create a food court concept, with each serving line offering unique menu items.  The district takes advantage of multi-zone digital menu screens to attract the students’ attention and promote new menu items and specials.

“Because the high school and middle school cafés are not on the federal lunch program, the digital menu boards have served as a way for us to advertise our many a la carte options,” LTISD Food and Nutrition Services Director Traci Miller said.  “Additionally, slides showing prices for snack and beverage options helps students make choices within their meal budget.”

Prior to the availability of Nutrislice’s digital menus, the LTISD Fuel Café staff was handwriting the menu and corresponding nutritional information each day.  Since the digital menu system is now available district-wide, LTISD also utilizes the digital displays to promote monthly observances and other nutrition activities including ‘Fuel Up for Fitness,’ ‘The Power of MyPlate,’ and National School Lunch Week.

“A neat feature of our menus website it that it uses real pictures of foods taken by our students,” Ms. Miller added.  “The interactive nutrition feature of the website menu and Nutrislice smartphone app are very popular with our parents.  Their (parents) expectations are very high, and the transparency created with the online menus and app is invaluable in promoting community participation in our food and nutrition program districtwide.”

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