Board approves agreement to improve use of electrical energy

The LTISD school board recently approved an agreement with energy efficiency company Simplure to monitor and improve the district’s use of electricity.

Earlier this spring, LTISD officials—in partnership with Simplure—conducted a comprehensive electrical data gathering analysis of the district’s utility usage, billing rates and billing characteristics.  As a result, the Salt Lake City-based company recommended a power quality project for LTISD that is expected to decrease off hour loads, increase high harmonics, and increase equipment life.  

The project consists of the installation of online meters complete with real-time data and alerts.  It will also include a power quality correction system and service with guaranteed monthly savings of approximately $11,237.

“The cost of the program is approximately $10,159 per month for the first 60 months and then decrease to $3,400 per month thereafter,” said Johnny Hill, LTISD Assistant Superintendent for Business and Financial Services.  “Over a 10-year period, the district could expect to see a net savings of approximately $534,900.”