District’s Food and Nutrition Services program gets high praise from state review

A comprehensive review of the Lake Travis Independent School District’s Food and Nutrition Services program resulted in no significant findingsthe equivalent of a perfect score.

The review, conducted by the Texas Department of Agriculture between November 2015 and January 2016, focused on numerous standards including dietary specifications and nutrient analysis; fresh fruits and vegetables; smart snacks; water; local school wellness policy; summer food service program; and food safety.  The inspection also included site visits to Lake Pointe and Bee Cave elementary schools.  Findings could cause the TDA to take fiscal action or to conduct a follow up review.

“All staff encountered were extremely proficient in their respective positions,” Juliet Morgan wrote in her report, lead auditor with the Texas Department of Agriculture.  “Clearly the district’s entire child nutrition department staff is committed to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of its students.  The Texas Department of Agriculture is proud to partner with districts like Lake Travis that exemplify the highest standards of care and service by teaching children the relationship between proper eating and good health.  The food quality and presentation were truly remarkable.”

Traci Miller is the district’s Director of Food and Nutrition Services.