Elementary and high school start, end times to change this fall

House Bill  2610, passed by the 84th Texas Legislature in the spring of 2015, requires that public school students receive 75,600 minutes of instruction annually. Before the new law was enacted, school districts were required to provide students with 180 days of instruction annually. The change from ‘days’ to ‘minutes’ of instruction also allows school districts to compensate for minutes of instructional time lost due to school delays or closures.

To comply with the new law, Lake Travis ISD will add 10 minutes to the school day at each elementary campus, as well as at Lake Travis High School, beginning with the start of school next year on Monday, August 22. Considering the instructional times currently in place at these campuses, the change translates to five minutes added to the start of the school day and five minutes added to the end of the school day.  

In order for transportation services to operate efficiently and accommodate student ridership district-wide, school start and end times at the district’s secondary campuses must be staggered. Therefore, the addition of minutes to the instructional day will not affect Hudson Bend or Lake Travis middle schools. Start and end times at those two campuses will remain unchanged. 

Questions or concerns regarding the additional minutes and their potential impact on specific campus activities and programs should be addressed to the respective school principal.