Lake Travis High School students spread hope through ‘Me to We’ project

Lake Travis High School junior Caroline Storm takes a note from a display board honoring the memory of friend and classmate Savannah Griffiths who died from injuries sustained in car crash during Spring Break earlier this year.  Prior to Savannah’s death, the two had raised money to buy backpacks for students in need through their ‘Bags of Hope’ project as part of their AP Human Geography (APHUG) class.  After a successful collection, Caroline decided to donate some of the backpacks to Africa’s Promise Village, a local nonprofit which will deliver the bags to children in Tanzania later this summer.  The project is part of the overall ‘Hope: From Me to We’ nonprofit endeavor.

“Students should not just learn about the world in AP Human Geography, but also do something about it,” Dana Browning said, Lake Travis High School AP Human Geography teacher and project coordinator.  “There is a ripple effect, and no action, however small, goes unnoticed.  In that spirit, each AP Human Geography student can change the world.  As part of their year-long assignment, each student was asked to create an individual plan for both local and global action, as well as to engage in a minimum of 10 hours of community service, and then share their journey with their peers and the community.”

A demonstration of student-led projects was held May 26 at the Lake Travis High School Annex and featured a variety of local nonprofits such as Refugee Services of Texas, Africa’s Promise Village and Caring for Cambodia.