LT Special Olympians star in area track meets

Fourteen Lake Travis Special Olympic athletes participated in the Area 13 track meet held in Leander on May 6. They received the following awards:

  • Relay: Team 1 - William Haley; Andrew Murphy; Austin Speight and Scott Tully, 2nd place
  • Relay: Team 2 - Carter Anderson; Jenee Berry; Emelia Holmertz and Reagan Lowman, 2nd place
  • Javelin - Reagan Lowman, 2nd Place; Marco Valdes, 4th Place
  • Shot Put - Andrew Murphy, 1st Place; Tiffany Mayer-Spivey, 2nd Place
  • Softball Throw - William Haley, 1st Place; Emelia Holmertz, 1st Place; Mark Theodore, 1st Place; Scott Tully, 1st Place; Andrew Jones, 2nd Place; Christopher Whitty, 3rd Place
  • 100m Dash - Emelia Holmertz, 1st Place; Andrew Jones, 2nd Place; Christopher Whitty, 2nd Place; Reagan Lowman, 4th Place; Marco Valdes, 4th Place; Mark Theodore, 6th Place; Carter Anderson, 7th Place
  • 200m Dash - Scott Tully, 1st Place; Andrew Murphy, 2nd Place; Tiffany Mayer-Spivey, 3rd Place; Austin Speight, 3rd Place; Jenee Berry, 4th Place
  • 400m Run - William Haley, 2nd Place; Connor Mayerik, 3rd Place

Additionally, four athletes participated took part in a local track meet held in Georgetown on April 29 and received the following awards:

  • Relay - Carter AndersonAndrew Jones; Austin Speight and Ryan Taylor2nd place
  • Javelin - Carter Anderson, 1st place
    Softball Throw - Andrew Jones, 1st place; Austin Speight, 1st place; Ryan Taylor, 2nd place
  • 100m Dash - Carter Anderson, 1st place; Andrew Jones, 1st place
  • 200m Dash - Austin Speight, 4th place; Ryan Taylor, 5th place