'Thrills for Skills' Project Yields Big Thrills in San Antonio

Lake Travis High School PALs 'Thrills For Skills,' a student-led community service project, partnered with local businesses to sponsor a trip for LTHS Life Skills and 18+ Program students. The group traveled to San Antonio to visit Morgan’s Wonderland, an amusement park aimed at Special Needs children and adults.

Peer Assistance and Leadershipis—better known as PALs—is a junior/senior level class for Lake Travis High School students.  PALs visit elementary and middle schools as well as retirement homes in the Lake Travis ISD community.  PALs students develop leadership skills, communication skills, group dynamics, confidentiality; and conflict resolution/peer mediation.

Travis Rendon is the PALs program sponsor.  For more information, visit the LTHS PALs website.